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• A past full member of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists.
• A past full member for 24 years of Anderida Writers – Eastbourne.
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Who's a Chatty Boy Then?
This is a step-by-step instruction book on how to teach your budgerigar to talk written by one of the best bird trainers. Elizabeth Wright won the Best Talking Bird competition in the UK four times, and on one occasion occupied the top three places with three different birds. After she stopped entering her birds into competition, she became a steward for the International Ornithological Association. She is acknowledged as one of the World's foremost talking bird experts and has published articles in magazines around the world. In this book, she explains first how to select the perfect budgerigar to learn to talk. She details the process in which the bird is tamed and prepared for talking. Finally she explains how to persuade it to talk.
How to teach your budgerigar to talk turns out to be very simple when you use the Wright method.

Comments from Amazon:
- Good information. Learnt a lot from this little book.
Patricia- 4 star.

- Very useful for anyone with a budgie. I've read several budgie focused books, some 20 pages, some exceeding 200. None offered as much ‘golden nuggets' titbits as this gem. Precise how-to-determine-sex instructions, more concise yet comprehensive than seen elsewhere. Ditto feeding and training. If you are thinking about getting a budgie, or you are a new budgie owner, grab this. You won't be sorry.
P.Broadnax-5 star.

- Very useful for anyone with a budgie. Very interesting book for anyone who wants to learn how to look after a caged bird and train it. Clear instructions and a very nice read.
NatLelondonhub-5 star.

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Made In Sussex
 Sussex people have, over the centuries, shown remarkable talent and ingenuity in the invention and manafacture
of both everyday items and works of art.

The long-gone Wealdon iron industry led to the manufacture of guns and cannon, firebacks and iron grave slabs, and Sussex clay produced a thriving brick-making industry and many busy potteries. Shepherds' crooks and smocks, glass, coins, cider, needles, cricket bats, rope and an assortment of vehicles are among other things made in Sussex described here.

Comments from Amazon:
A good read.
Rumpty-5 star.
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(2nd hand only)
From Fancy Pants to Getting There
Elizabeth Wright had it all. A comfortable life, successful business, house, handsome partner and beautiful baby. Then things screwed up. She discovered that the man in her life was being unfaithful, and her prosperous pet centre crashed into a financial black hole. At fifty-two, and menopausal, she was reduced to being a single mum on benefits with the stigma of bankruptcy. In this hilarious book she recounts how she quickly learnt to juggle work and child care, keep an ancient car on the road, whilst her money-saving efforts to grow her own food, were defeated by thieving blackbirds, munching molluscs and exploding bags of donkey manure. She worked fourteen hours a day, raised the required £30,000, kept the house, had the bankruptcy annulled and, with a great sense of humour, wrote this book.

Comments from Amazon:
- A FANTASTIC READ. From Fancy Pants to Getting There is bursting with comedy and racy spicy scenes with an undercurrent of deep, poignant episodes.
Duck01-5 star

- Elizabeth Wright's determination and hilarious sense of humour shine through this story of a woman touching rock bottom but who got herself straight back up and proved both to herself and to the world that she could achieve anything she put her mind to. Anderida-5 star.

Purchase the E-Book or Paperback at Amazon.

Belle Tout: The Little Lighthouse That Moved

In 1903, Trinity House sold off Belle Tout lighthouse for £200. In 2008 the building changed hands for £500,000. From information gathered over a period of 20 years, I have put it all together resulting in this informative and fascinating book. In-depth chapters cover the whole history of this unique building, including details of the incredible move away from the crumbling cliff edge in 1999, the financial scandal and personal anecdotes of the filming there by the BBC of the award winning series, “The Life and Loves of the She Devil.”

Comments from Amazon:
Research at its best. What a superbly researched book. And the history is so well detailed. I cannot think of what more could be said on this subject. Well done Ms Wright.
Michael – 5 star.

Very informative book. Bought this as a gift for my dad and he was pleased with it.
Grey. 5-star.

Amazing little lighthouse. Well written. Well researched. Packed with many wonderful pictures. A fascinating insight to the exploits of this lovely little lighthouse. A gem of a book.
Flashfox- 5 star.

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Latest News:

You can buy copies of my four books at a new outlet, the Wishing well Tea Rooms at Wilmington, near Polegate, East Sussex. (They sell lovely home made cakes here!)

The titles are:

‘Made in Sussex.'

‘From Fancy Pants to Getting There.'

‘Belle Tout – The Little Lighthouse That Moved.'

‘Who's a Chatty Boy Then?'


MARCH 2017
Parrots magazine - 2 page spread - 'Memories of What's My Line?'

Eastbourne Herald - 2 page spread - 'Napoleonic Tower Restoration was a 2-year Project'.
Parrots magazine - 2 page spread - 'Joey'.

Daily Mail's Peterborough page - 'Someone's Trash was my Treasure'.
Eastbourne Herald - 2 page spread - 'A Pheasant called Brook'.

My definitive guide on taming and training budgerigars, ‘Who's a Chatty Boy Then?' is still selling well. On 4 December, the e-version was again at the No 2 spot on Amazon's 100 Top Sellers in their ‘Birds' category.

The on-line magazine, ‘ Aspect County ' published another feature on my memories of Flimwell, the village of my childhood. Issue 218 – pages 36/37- ‘A Sussex Village.' Look out for more of my feature articles being considered, or accepted, for 2017.

I have been working on 2 books that should be ready mid – 2017.

JUNE 2016
The magazine ‘Bygone Kent ' published another of my features this month (Vol.37. No.4) ‘Rusting remains of a grand plan, a massive contract and a royal tragedy.' This was a reworked article spread over four pages about the iron railings that once surrounded St. Paul 's Cathedral. The editorial department had provided extra illustrations with a map of Lamberhurst's Gloucester furnace where the railings and gates were made, plus an engraving by Johann Sebastian Muller showing the ironwork ‘in situ' around the Cathedral.

‘Who's a Chatty Boy Then?' is still selling well. The Kindle version reached No 2 spot in Amazon's Top 100 Best Sellers in their ‘Birds' category on June 7 th , and has consistently been well represented in the same section since the beginning of 2016.

MAY 2016
A lovely little magazine, 'BYGONE KENT - Bringing the county's history to life,' has published an illustrated four-page spread, 'MY DANCE-ON PART IN THE LIFE STORY OF THE MAN WHO KEPT UP WARTIME SPIRITS,' where I recall the special occasion as a child when I danced with my friend Jill Lawrence at a Hawkhurst garden party alongside the famous radio comedian, Tommy Handley. And later I write about the amazing time I had at his memorial service, where, as a nine-year old, I'd had the honour of being asked to attend. Afterwards, on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral, dressed in a new smart white coat with little red bows and black lace-up shoes, I received attention worthy of a film star when dozens of cameramen pushed and shoved to get a picture of me and my gran. Newsworthy because I was the youngest person at this much loved man's memorial service and because a picture of Jill and I with Tommy, taken by photographer Bill Turner, was published in the 'Sunday Pictorial' which stated that it was 'Tommy Handley's all time favourite.'

My latest book, 'Who's a Chatty Boy Then?' is still selling well. On May 16th the Kindle version reached the No. 4 spot in Amazon's 100 top sellers in the 'Birds' category. Even used ones have a value - second hand copies are being offered for £23.00.

APRIL 2016
As I have been busy writing two more books, I have had little time to put together any further articles. However, when I read a feature by James Delingpole in the Daily Mail about his spiteful golden hamster that kept biting his children when they handled it, I was aware that, from my 38 years of managing a pet shop, I could come up with a possible reason. My answer appeared as the lead letter on Tuesday April 5, 2016 complete with a current photo backed onto one that I provided, taken when I was a 17 year old, holding an obliging hamster.

And my solution to the problem of nasty tempered Syrian hamsters? Only buy babies of about 4-6 weeks of age, preferably male. The reason? These hamsters are capable of breeding from 6-7 weeks upwards and the females then become horrendously territorial and will viciously attack other females, to the point where they are reduced to nervous wrecks. They will immediately respond to being touched by biting hard and drawing blood. Because these hamsters are nocturnal, they will snuggle up together during the daytime so the night time attacks go unobserved. Whether sold from a pet shop or breeder, at the first sign of aggression any females must be removed and kept on their own.

MARCH 2016
Click to enlargeThe Spring/Equinox issue of ‘Aspect County’ magazine (available on-line, by subscription or free through selected outlets) published a four-page illustrated spread of my article ‘Tower Power.’ This covered some of the fascinating stories surrounding the erection of, and subsequent demise, of 103 circular Martello towers that were built around the south-east coastline in the early 1800s as a defence system against a widespread belief that Napoleon was threatening to invade England. Each building cost around £3,000, contained half a million bricks and housed a garrison of some twenty-five armed men, backed up by a destructively effective rotating cannon on the flat roof. The invasion never happened so the towers never fired a shot in anger. Unused and unwanted, many of the buildings fell victim to coastal erosion or were demolished. A few survived, this feature contains some of the intriguing stories of what happened to them afterwards…

Both the ‘Eastbourne Herald’ and the ‘Hastings and St. Leonard’s Observer’ published my ‘on-spec’ 800 word submission, ‘From Hi-De-Hi to this Hilarious Whodunit’ to coincide with the touring production of the comedy thriller ‘Secondary Cause of Death.’ One of the stars is long time, popular actor Jeffrey Holland. Having written previous features on this talented thespian, I was able to give readers of these newspapers interesting background information on his busy life

Busy time researching information for two new books which hopefully will be due out later this year.

A commissioned feature of mine on well-known, talented actor Jeffrey Holland, who has played a pantomime dame for 25 years, appeared in the December issue of ‘Best of British.’ (Nothing Like a Dame) I was flattered to be asked to write such an article because this lovely nostalgic and popular publication is constantly overwhelmed with submissions and competition is fierce. Jeffrey will always be best known for his part as the lovable Spike in the iconic series ‘Hi-De-Hi.’ His range of work is enormous, from Shakespeare to thrillers and farce. But he loves playing a panto dame with big frocks, bauble earrings and Doc Martin boots alongside stars such as Joan Collins, Barbara Windsor and John Nettles.

‘Aspect County' magazine this month published a two-page spread of my article about the last days of the Sussex iron industry when, in 1710, Richard Jones, of Lamberhurst's Gloucester furnace, received an order worth around £11,000 (a fortune in those days) to supply seven gates and 200 tons of cast iron railings to go around St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Some sections were removed in 1874 after a number of people were crushed to death against the railings when huge crowds had gathered to celebrate the recovery of the Prince of Wales from illness. A wealthy Canadian bought some of the railings to put around the family tomb. But the cargo ship sank in the St. Lawrence River, but that was not the end of the story……

'Best of British' magazine published an illustrated article of mine, 'Happy Hopping Holidays' in their September issue. Spread across two pages, (26/27) I wrote about the times during the 1940's and 50's when many Londoners from the East End came to our Sussex village for six weeks every autumn to earn extra money hop picking.

      'When the hops were ready for picking, the roads leading out of London would be thronged with lorries
      piled high with hoppers sitting amongst battered suitcases, tin boxes and bundles tied up with rope.
      Others came by charabancs, gypsies arrived in their colourful horse drawn vardos and those that couldn't
      afford transport would walk, pushing prams and makeshift carts piled high with their luggage.'

South Londoner Brian Lynn recalled his childhood memories:-

      'All the family pitched in and us kids would be dressed in our hop-picking clothes, macs if it rained,
      with our trousers tucked into the tops of our wellies. Some of the little ones would have cut down
      black school stockings or old socks pulled onto their hands by their mums to protect them from
      being scratched by the rough vines.'

The 30th September issue of the Daily Mail's 'Peterborough' pages printed an amusing advert that I'd discovered in the Eastbourne 'Friday-Ad' -

      'For Sale. British bulldog wooden life size, collectable item, generally in good condition, but the right
      near foot by the ankle broke at some stage and was glued back on. Its a lovely unusual ornament, £25.
      It was accompanied by a photograph of a coffin!!'

On August 1st/ 2nd/3rd “Chatty Boy” was back to No 3 spot in the ‘Birds’ section. Publisher promotion also pushed up the sales of the Kindle version of “Belle Tout-The Little Lighthouse That Moved” which got to No 2 in ‘Architecture,’ 6/100 in ‘Technology’ and 5/100 in ‘Memorials’.

Throughout this month “Chatty Boy” has consistently been listed somewhere in Amazon’s Top 100 Sellers in the ‘Birds’ category, and received two unsolicited complimentary reviews:-

1/ ‘Very useful for anyone with a budgie. Very interesting book for anyone who wants to learn how to look after a caged bird and train it. Clear instructions and a very nice read.’

2/ ‘I’ve read several budgie focused books, some 20 pages, some exceeding 200. None offered as much ‘golden nugget’ titbits as this gem. Precise how-to-determine sex instructions, more concise yet comprehensive than seen elsewhere. Ditto feeding and training. If you’re thinking about getting a budgie, or you’re a new budgie owner, grab this. You won’t be sorry.’

JULY 2015
The Kindle version of “Who’s a Chatty Boy Then?” is still selling well. On the 20th July it again went to the No 1 spot on Amazon’s 100 Top Sellers in the ‘Birds’ category. This success continued, at No 11 spot on the 27th, 16/100 on the 28th, 32/100 on the 29th and 40/100 on the 30th JULY.

JUNE 2015
When a Daily Mail reader asked for information regarding the ‘What's My Line' programme, I was able to respond with details of how I appeared as a ‘Bird Manicurist' and how my two pet birds played up during the broadcasting of this live programme. I beat the panel of Gilbert Harding, Isobel Barnett, Louise Collins and Cyril Fletcher, and still have the diploma that chairman Eamonn Andrews handed over to me.

The kindle version of ‘Chatty Boy' is still holding its own in Amazon's 100 Top Sellers in the ‘Birds' category, going up and down between 15th and 91st places.

MAY 2015

On May 14th and 15th the Kindle version of ‘Who's a Chatty Boy Then?' reached the elite No 1 position in Amazon's 100 Best Sellers in the ‘Birds' category. The paperback version rose to No 62.

On May 22nd the Daily Mail printed a letter and a photograph which I had sent in response to a reader's comment about how little had been mentioned during the WW2 and VE Day celebrations of the much loved comedian Tommy Handley. As one of two child dancers, I had been part of his entertainment troupe which performed at the ‘Royal Oak Hotel,' Hawkhurst. A photograph taken of both of us in the gardens by Bill Turner from the Sunday Pictorial was one of Tommy's all time favourites. (See photo below - please click the image to enlarge it)

APRIL 2015
This was the month that saw the kindle version of ‘Who's a Chatty Boy Then?' climb from position 85 in Amazon's 100 best Sellers up to No 4 spot in the ‘Birds' category and the paperback reached No.7. The hardback version of ‘Belle Tout – the Little Lighthouse that Moved' edged into 40th place in Amazon's ‘Monuments' section, followed by the kindle version of my humorous autobiography ‘From Fancy Pants to Getting There,' reaching No 57 in the 100 Best Sellers in ‘Parenting and Family Humour.'

But the best was yet to come; having responded to the request from the Eastbourne Herald for readers to submit any memories they had of Eastbourne past for their ‘Looking Back' section, I sent in details of my 38 years as the owner of ‘Elizabeth's Pet Shop,' which included some fascinating behind the scenes stories from a number of TV appearances. My favourite was the time I met the handsome film star, Yul Brynner, who was appearing as the celebrity guest on the popular 1950/60's quiz show ‘What's My Line.' On April 17th the newspaper devoted a full page to this, and on the 24th April they published a two-page centre spread about my life at the pet shop with a generous mention about the ‘Chatty Boy' book.

MARCH 2015
Co-writing another book and putting together more feature articles.

A feature article 'Memories of Flimwell - A Sussex Village - 1942-1949' was published in the February issue of 'Aspect County' Magazine. Pages 30/31/32, which can be read on line or in the paperback version. Although there were many shortages after WW2, I recall some my happy childhood days spent in this lovely countryside setting.

JANUARY 7th 2015
'Who's a Chatty Boy Then?' (cover on right) came out as an e-book on Amazon and swiftly climbed to no 5 in their Top 100 Best Sellers in the 'Birds' category, where it stayed for a considerable number of weeks. Due to popularity a paperback version is now available. .

Busy during these months working on a commissioned comprehensive book on how to choose and train budgerigars for talking pets. Titled 'Who's a Chatty Boy Then?' it is full of practical information based on my 38 years experience breeding, exhibiting and selling prizewinning talking birds. Some were National Cage Bird Show winners, a chosen few have appeared on television with me, including 'Blue Peter,' 'George Cansdale's Pet Programme,' 'Coast to Coast,' 'What's My Line' (where I beat the panel and have the certificate). Others have chatted away on recorded programmes for 'Children's Hour.'

My article "Teddy's Terrible Ordeal" has been published in the November 2014 issue of 'Cat World.' Spread over two pages, I recount how our family cat, 'Teddy,' was hit by a car and left with tail, bladder, foot and spinal injuries. His chances of survival were slim, he hovered between life and death for weeks, but with expert veterinary care, which thankfully was covered by pet insurance, he survived, although now minus his fluffy black tail. (see pages 64/65)

My latest book is just about completed; I am now adding the photographs of a good looking male model. Watch this space for further news of details and publication date.

My well researched feature on talented artist Hans Feibusch can be read on the website of 'B-C-ing-U.com' an on-line leisure and travel magazine. Feibusch had painted a series of murals on the crypt walls of St. Elisabeth's Church, Eastbourne, but the room had been closed up for many years as a result of WW2 bomb damage and had only recently been opened up again. On this website you can read Hans Feibusch's life story and see the many beautiful pictures he painted.

My winning poem in the Anderida writing competition, 'Who Turned the Lights Out?' was published in the Eastbourne Gazette.

For a long time I've wanted to try my hand at writing sitcoms so I have entered The Comedy Unit's 'Funny women Writing Award.' Aiming to encourage new female comedy writing talent, they are looking for workable ideas for a six-part sitcome or a comedy drama, and will appraise submissions that show promise. I feel that my humorous, semi-autobiographical book, 'From Fancy Pants to Getting There,' suitably adapted, could have possibilities here.

A photograph that I took of a cheeky faced baby sparrow that tumbled into one of my hanging baskets, caused much merriment amongst the presenters of ITV's Meridian studios when it was used as a backdrop to the weather forecast.

I spent two most pleasant days at Belle Tout lighthouse, on Beachy Head, as a guest of the owners, David and Barbara Shaw. This was a delightful 'thank-you' gift, as the publicity from my fast-selling book 'Belle Tout - The Little Lighthouse That Moved,' now with world-wide distribution, has brought many visitors to this superb B&B. This month the hardback version has got to the No 3 spot in Amazon's 100 Top Sellers in the 'Monuments' category, 48/100 in 'Ships' and 87/100 in 'Architecture.'

JULY 2014:
Pleasantly suprised to win 1st prize in the poetry section of Anderida Writers Annual competition. The entries were read out by the well known actor and the club's Patron, Jeffrey Holland, assisted by his wife, Judy Buxton and were based on the theme of 'A Voice in the Dark.'

'LandScape' magazine published my lengthy feature on Ruth Briggs, a artist in stained glass work; the highly illustrated article was spread over three pages.

JUNE 2014:
Working on a commissioned book due out later this year. The subject matter is very different from my usual features, so watch this space...

MAY 2014
"E The magazine" used 3 of my contributions in their April/May issue. Page 7 - 'Locations-Lights-Camera-Action' which covers some of the local locations used by film companies , such as Beachy Head cliffs doubling up for the Rock of Gibraltar in the James Bond movie 'Living Daylights'. Page 24 - 'Words we Use and the Stories behind Them,'' fascinating origins of Jeep and Robot. Page 31 - 'Twenty-one Top tips for Cat Owners,' which includes the humorous realities of trying to de-flea or de-worm an unobliging feline.

"CAT WORLD" - June 2014 issue.
Page 59. 'The Trophy Frog.' Sub. headed - 'A humorous look at life with a skilled hunter, from his long suffering, and on this occasion, rather embarrassed owner.' A true story which involved cat Teddy bringing me a 'present(?)' of a live frog at 3am and trying to put it in my bed......

This month's highlight has to be my interview with the charming Michael Sargent, well known presenter of on-line Turquoise Radio's 'Write to be Heard' programme. A twice weekly hour long, event, by writer, for writers, with listeners in 200 countries. 'An exclusive weekly books and literary show, with special guests ranging from authors known and unknown to talk about their inspiration and their journey. Michael Sargent brings aspiring authors who have real talent to the public eye. Brought to listeners in association with the University of Louisville Film and Media Department.'

The featured work was my humorous autobiography 'From Fancy Pants to Getting There,' of which Michael said, "I read it from cover to cover, and I did not want to put it down. I found it engaging, funny, sexy, courageous and inspiring... and I loved it.' The recordered interview was originally 1 hour 20 minutes, edited down to 50 minutes, in which we talked about my writing life with readings of two poems, 'Chaos With the Cleaning' and 'A Snail Race.' I also read a chapter from the book, 'Gone to the Auction,' which involved my amateur efforts at attempting to buy a second-hand car. With 2 outings of our conversations on 21st May and 25th May, I was able to record the programme and recapture the memories of a most enjoyable interview.

On-line Leisure and Travel Magazine.
My article on 'Sussex Guns' is being featured, and covers a period of time in history when Sussex forges were turning out some of the finest guns and cannons in the world. Great wealth came to the county alongside tales of corruption, bribery and smuggling.

April 2014:
The highlight of April has to be an invitation from Michael Sargent, presenter at USA’s Turquoise (on-line) Radio, to take part in his programme, ‘Write to be Heard,’ a twice weekly show by writers for writers, which has a huge world-wide following. In the recorded interview we talked at length about my writing life and my books. Special mention was made of ‘From Fancy Pants to Getting There’, about which he said, ‘I read from cover to cover and loved it.’

The edited 45 minute programme was 'on air' via computers, laptops, tablets and apps at 1am on Wednesday 21st May 2014 and was repeated at 3pm on Sunday 25th May.

On line travel and leisure magazine B-C-ing-U.com are featuring three of my April submissions, ‘A Miller’s Tale, ‘Can you prove it was Murder?’ and ‘Walkies over Beachy Head.

‘Giddy Limits,’ on-line magazine for the over 50’s, accepted a feature ‘So You Want to Write.’

The Daily Mail’s Peterborough page published one of my humorous pictures, a label on a tiny pocket torch, with the warning to ‘Wear protective clothing when using hand tools.’

The Eastbourne Gazette put in a piece about the Turquoise Radio interview.

And I’m now working on a follow-up book to ‘Fancy Pants alongside a commissioned book requested by a local publisher. Watch this space…

March 2014:
One of my more recent poems "Those New Street Lights" is published In the current issue of E The magazine, ("Eastbourne's free small magazine with all the local events and big circulation.") An amusing, poetic comment about the newly erected, energy saving street lamps with the eerie light. (Read in 'My Poetry' page.) Both 'Writers News' and America's 'Winning Writers' have included mentions of my books and latest writing successes. To encourage more people to 'get writing,' visitors to the on-line magazine 'Giddy Limits' will now find an informative, and hopefully useful, article of mine, 'So You Want To Write,' under 'Fun Things to Do.'

The Spring issue of 'Aspect County' magazine, pages 50/51, has published one of my articles in their Working Wealden section. 'Sussex Crooks and Pyecombe Hooks,' which explains the importance Sussex shepherds placed on their crooks, wooden staffs with hand made metal hooked ends, which were essential aids to catching sheep by the leg or lambs by the neck. Many Sussex smithies were once noted for their crook making, especially Charles Mitchell, of Pyecombe forge, who was still hammering out his much sought after 'hooks' at the age of ninety-one.

The Eastbourne Herald runs a weekly 'Looking Back' four page supplement, detailing fascinating parts of the history of Eastbourne. In a recent issue they have devoted a whole page to my submitted illustrated feature, 'New Book About Famous Lighthouse,' using some of the highlights from my recently published book, 'Belle Tout-The Little Lighthouse That Moved,'

Catworld magazine have just accepted an amusing feature 'Teddy and the Frog,' a true story about an incident where the family cat brought in a live frog at 3am and the resultant mayhem this caused. Watch this space for publication date.

February 2014:
Two of my latest illustrated features, The Long Man of Wilmington and The Lighthouse Scandal, can be read on the new leisure and travel e-magazine, B-C-ing-U.com.

Both Writing Magazine and The Women Writer (Journal of Society of Women Writers and Journalists) have reviewed both my current books, Belle Tout - The Little Lighthouse That Moved and From Fancy Pants to Getting There. From across the Pond, Donna Suchomelly, from the World Lighthouse Society (USA) also reviewed the Belle Tout book in the latest edition of the Society's Newsletter.
She writes:-
'Elizabeth Wright has written the most comprehensive history of Belle Tout lighthouse to date. It is obvious a lot of time and effort was put into the research and writing of this book. Inside its pages can be found many never before published drawings, photos and related documents that help tell the story of the 'little lighthouse that moved.'
Throughout the book readers will find personal accounts of life at Belle Tout along with details of its many lives, as an aid to navigation, private home, TV series location and bed and breakfast accommodation. Readers will learn about the money struggles of past and current owners to preserve this famous landmark for future generations.'

January 2014:
The Peterborough columns of the Daily Mail (17th January) have published one of my amusing poems, 'Teddy's Frog Hunt Caught Me On The Hop.'

A illustrated feature on the old tradition of hop picking, which I thoroughly enjoyed writing, can be read on the website of the new leisure magazine B-C-ing-U.com.

December 2013:
An amusing picture I took of two 'faces' that I noticed amongst the items in the re-cycling box was printed in the Peterborough columns of the Daily Mail 26.12.13. The accompanying text said:- MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS. My daughter was collecting various items for re-cycling and this is just how she stacked them. To me, there is a 'father and son' image, with the father saying,'Let's face it, son, we are doing our bit for the planet.'
(Photo on the right, click to enlarge)

An informative illustrated feature I've written on Sussex trug baskets can be found in the 'Craft' section of a new leisure and travel e-magazine called, 'B-C-ing-U.com.' Plus, in the 'Comedy' category, I've submitted a few amusing items and one-liners which I hope will put smiles on the faces of visitors to the new website.

November 2013:
An article of mine on the 1928 Harbour Rye lifeboat tragedy is on page 68 of the November issue of the popular "Aspect County" magazine, which can be read on-line or copies are available through selected outlets.

October 2013:
Belle Tout-The Little Lighthouse that Moved’ is finally published. Packed full of information about this building’s history, including fascinating facts, stories, anecdotes, and extracts from related legal documents from private collections. Now being advertised on Amazon, and available to order from good book stores.

Liz Wright Danny PikeDuring the last two weeks of October, "Belle Tout - The Little Lighthouse That Moved," has climbed up to the No 5 spot twice on Amazon's 100 Best Sellers in the 'Monument' category and got to no. 41 in the 100 Best Sellers in the 'Maritime' section.

On October 8th, I was interviewed about the book by the lovely Danny Pike from BBC’s Radio Sussex.
(Photo on the right, click to enlarge)

On October 11th, exactly 179 years since Belle Tout’s light became operational, I had a successful dual book signing event at Sainsbury’s – Hampden Park. David Shaw, owner of Belle Tout, was presented with a signed copy of the book. Also for sale was another of my books, ‘From Fancy Pants to Getting There.’ A hilarious romp through a part of my life when everything screwed up. Ten percent of the takings on that day were donated to a valued charity ‘Eastbourne Ambulance Community First Responders.’

Author and writer Lynne Hale interviewed me in the form of 20 Questions for her blog; my 20 answers can be read at intrepidpony-blogspot.co.uk.

My poem 'Flaming Fire' has been published in the Eastbourne Gazette.

September 2013:
High octane promotion of the Belle Tout book has meant publicising it through every outlet I can find. I have kept up a flow of information towards the local press, Facebook and Amazon Author Page. ‘Lighthouse Digest', a magazine from the USA is already asking for purchasing details and has commissioned an illustrated article.

Now, at the last day of September, I suddenly find myself free to pick up the threads of my regular feature writing, setting up interviews and putting articles together. I can also continue working on ‘The History of Anderida Writers – 1990 – 2013' for the Club's new website.

August 2013:
In response to those readers that were eagerly asking to know when there was to be a follow-up book to my hilarious autobiography, ‘From Fancy Pants To Getting There,' I have found the occasional writing time to work on ‘Two up, one down', [a working title] which hopefully, will be available early 2014. This may well turn out to be even funnier than ‘Fancy Pants', dealing with the time my daughter's boy friend, now partner, came to stay with us for 2 weeks, which lengthened into two years, until they got a home of their own. We were worlds apart, socially, culturally and with a big age gap between a teenager and a pensioner. Two sample chapters, ‘Chris' and ‘The Mat' can be found in ‘My Other Writing' section.

Supporting Anderida Writers Short Story and Poetry Competition on the theme of ‘Reflections' my entry, ‘Do I really Look Like That?' gained 2nd prize.

My book on Belle Tout lighthouse, after 20 years of research, was nearing completion. But I had a lot of problems and setbacks with commissioning publisher, Phillimore's (The History Press) and pulled out. I was delighted that Rex Sumner, from My Voice Publishing, Eastbourne, had enough faith in this project to step in and take it on.

The seagull - click to enlargeJuly 2013:
Another acceptance in the July issue E The Magazine. This time ‘Ten Fascinating Facts About Belle Tout Lighthouse.'
Responding to a feature in the Eastbourne Herald about the bold, and sometimes aggressive, behaviour of seagulls, I submitted a picture, (on the right - click the image to enlarge it), and a short piece on the antics of an injured seagull that, some years ago, we nursed back to health. Highly intelligent, as he recovered, he virtually took over our home, seeing off the 2 family dogs from the mat in front of the fire, so he could settle there for a snooze. Then he decided that one of the armchairs was even better. Whoever was sitting there was quickly removed with a few pecks on their feet from his razor-sharp beak. He was fascinated by the television and would sit watching it in the evenings before going to sleep.

June 2013:
An article ‘Eastbourne Buses – 110 years of Service' was published in E The Magazine. I dug out some fascinating facts for this feature, mentioning that the very first commercial journey was made on the 12th April, 1903, at 10.20am when a 14 seater, 12/16hp Milne's Daimler single decker omnibus ran from the railway station to Meads.

May 2013:
• In the Mid Spring 2013 issue of "Aspect County" magazine, under 'Working Wealden' there is an article of mine on pages 68/69 about Jonathan Darby, who was responsible for Beachy Head's first 'lighthouse.' The magazine is available in some local outlets or can be read 'on-line' by clicking here.

Click here to see more of my photography

April 2013:
• I have two new published features which have both appeared in the May/June issue of a beautifully illustrated national magazine called LandScape. (Yes there is a captial 'S' in the middle). The first can be found on pages 118-123. It's titled 'A Tradition to Carry Home' and is my article on the popular Sussex trug baskets at 'The Truggery' at Herstmonceux. The second feature is on pages 128-131, 'A Working Watermill' which is about the mill at Michelham Priory and the dedicated team of volunteers who work there. LandScape's talented in-house photographer, Richard Faulks, took all the pictures and his input has made these articles look really special. LandScape's editorial office spent a great deal of time and 'hands -on' effort working with me to get both these items as good as we could.

February 2013:
• I've written a short, humorous piece about the previously mentioned film crew visiting me. You can read about my 'adventures' as a film 'star' here.

Lightwind Productions, a professional film-making company from Haywards Heath, were putting together a short film about Beachy Head, to show there was much more to these spectacular white cliffs than a jumping off point for suicide attempts. They were seeking historical information on its association with man, the role of the area in two world wars, prevalent ghost stories and local myths, and details of the two lighthouses. As I have written a definitive work on Belle Tout lighthouse and the surrounding area, I was able to contribute, what I hope, will be some interesting facts for the film. The film's title is "Two White Flashes Every Twenty Seconds'. The Lightwind team were Matthew Steel, Creative Director, Luke De La Nougerede and Sam Masters.

• The February edition of Aspect County magazine features my article, 'Stringtown', a fascinating look at the history of the successful Hailsham rope making industry of years gone by. If you can't get hold of a copy of this popular magazing you can read it online at www.aspect-county.co.uk. My article can be found on pages 92-93.

January 2013:
• My article on Nigel Stenning, the blacksmith at The Forge, Michelham Priory, near Hailsham, has been published in the New Year issue of the free "Aspect County" magazine. This is an illustrated, two page feature which can be viewed on line; paper copies are also available from selected outlets or by subscription.
Website: www.aspect-county.co.uk

Previous News:

December 2012:
• I've added a chapter from my humorous autobiography, 'From Fancy Pants To Getting There', to my website which you can read by clicking here. Both the e-book and the longer paperback version of ‘From Fancy Pants to Getting There’ are available from Amazon, or signed copies of the paperback can be purchased direct from me. (See top of page.)

• The December issue of the free regional magazine 'Aspect County' is featuring an article of mine on the fascinating and colourful life of Sussex poet and author, Charlotte Turner Smith. (Pages 90-91) This magazine can be read on-line or copies are available through various outlets in the Wealden area.

• I'm hoping to have paperback copies of my hilarious book, 'From Fancy Pants to Getting There' available in the New Year. It has been for sale as an e-book on Amazon for about 11 months, and recently, I have been pleasantly suprised to see that it is starting to sell quite well. The paperback version will be longer as more chapters have been added.

November 2012:
On Thursday November 15th I was fortunate to have the Daily Mail accept a mini-article from me for their "Answers to Correspondents" column. In this, readers ask questions and those that know, provide answers. In my case I just had to respond to "Why was the lighthouse at Beachy Head built at the bottom of the white cliffs? Surely it would have been simpler to build a smaller light on the top of the cliff?"

I was able to explain the reasons for the choice of location for the present lighthouse, and pointed out that sea mists and cliff erosion were in part, responsible for Belle Tout being de-commissioned and sold off for £200 in the early 1900's.

October 2012:
Eastbourne Herald newspaper published one of my photographs of Belle Tout under the section "Photo of the Week."

September 2012:
DIY Week magazine published a short article of mine in their 13th September issue. It's available to read online: 'Change of Scenery for The Handyman'

• An article of mine called 'A Miller's Tale' has been published under the Working Wealden section, (pages 88-89), of the September issue of 'Aspect County' magazine. This is a feature about the working water mill at Michelham Priory and all the volunteers who care for this lovely piece of working history.

August 2012:
• My article Trickie Trixie has been published on page 60 of the August edition of Your Cat magazine. This article was one of six submitted to Eastbourne DGH radio station by members of Anderida Writers Eastbourne. They were then recorded by professional voice actors and played to patients.

A Snail's Pace, my amusing poetic entry in the Anderida Writers poetry competition, was awarded first place. I won a book, and two tickets to watch 'Three Men in a Boat' at Eastbourne's Devonshire Park Theatre.

• My interview with professional actor Jeffrey Holland, best known for his role as the lovable Spike in the classic comedy series Hi-De-Hi, can be read in the current issue of the popular e-magazine, 'Giddy Limits.' Also included are one of my many amusing stories - 'A case of mistaken identity,' and a feature on Belle Tout lighthouse.

A Little Bit About Me:

I have been writing for a hobby about fifty years; my first commercial successes were regular articles to “Cage and Aviary Birds” magazine. As the owner of a pet centre I was then asked to do a monthly ‘hands-on’ feature for the pet trade magazine “Pet Product Marketing.”

As my avian knowledge increased “Bird Keeper” (Sister magazine to “Cage Birds”) also began to take regular monthly articles about bird breeders/keepers in my local area.

When I lost my business in the recession of the early 1990’s, I decided to professionalise my work, so I did a college course with ‘Writers Bureau’. This opened my eyes to the enormous opportunities that were available where my writing could be published. I learnt about matching subjects to markets and ‘Sussex Life’ bought my first feature, an article on the famous Belle Tout lighthouse. I re-wrote this feature from a completely different angle, and ‘The Lady’ was my next customer. With the money I made I was able to buy an essential tape recorder and a camera. I now have work accepted by a wide range of publications, including a few outlets in Australia and the USA. To extend my skills I did a short course on travel writing at Eastbourne’s Downs College, so I can now efficiently respond to offers from Tourist Boards to visit and report on holiday destinations.

Illustrations added to an article can often command payments equal to the value of the text. Although not a professional photographer, I have managed to sell a number of ‘stand-alone’ pictures, including one of a beach rescue that was published on the front page of a local newspaper, and a handful of amusing ones have appeared in the ‘Peterborough’ columns of the ‘Daily Mail.’ I almost made it to the short list in the Amateur Photographer magazine’s Photographers of the Year Competition, and was 2nd prize winner out of 18 in the Kingsmere Association’s Photo competition. Meridian TV Weather have used my shots of Belle Tout lighthouse at sunset and bluebells in Beaton’s Wood, Arlington, as backdrops to the forecasters. East Sussex County Council chose my submission of a seated couple watching the sunset at Beachy Head to illustrate their informative book, “Forward at Fifty.”

I am a long standing member of Eastbourne’s Anderida Writers, a progressive group of like-minded scribes who give me support, advice and constructive criticism to help me get more work published. I am a past winner of their coveted Anderida Accolade and, at present, their Membership Secretary.

My first commissioned book was “Made in Sussex,” (S.B. Publications.)
This covers 23 crafts and industries special to the county. Although now out of print, second-hand copies can be obtained through Amazon books.

'The second book, 'From Fancy Pants to Getting There' is available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle (AndrewsUK), or a larger paperback version by MyVoice Publishing (ISBN 978-1-909359-16-1) is available from Amazon Books, ordered through bookshops, or via my website. Read a chapter from this new, bigger paperback version here.

A publisher commissioned me to put together a definitive work on the famous local landmark, Belle Tout lighthouse. This is now a well-filled and fascinating book, containing just about everything you'll ever need to know about this iconic building. Now available in hardback with numerous colour illustrations and many never - seen - before pictures, for sale through Amazon and bookshops. Also available as an e-book.

At present, between writing regular features for glossy magazine “Aspect County,” contributing items to on-line magazine “Giddy Limits,” I am constantly marketing my work to various other popular magazines.

I have added some humorous poetry to my repertoire, although, at present, much of this is just for fun.

© Elizabeth Wright