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Computer Crazy

We should all have a computer,
The Governments had its say.
So this electronic wizardry
Is for our work, rest and play.

I’m called a silver surfer,
More used to pad and ink,
Pressing buttons to write a letter,
Comes harder than I think.

I’m told about e-mails,
To see what my friends have said,
But what were telephones invented for?
You can talk to pals instead.

There’s tweeting, facebook and google,
All giving us lots of chat.
Also internet, websites and skype,
I’m overwhelmed by all of that.

I’ve got windows that don’t need cleaning,
And a dongle that doesn’t ring,
Broadband is still a mystery,
It does everything but sing.

Megabytes are not huge meals,
That need to be promptly eaten,
And firewalls keep out viruses,
So that’s some nasty bugs beaten.

I can find out about the weather,
The news and shares too,
Buy jewellery I don’t need
From the shopping channel ‘Q’.

I’m slow at learning formats,
Deletes, escapes and pages down,
The keyboard is a mess of knobs,
They just make me frown.

‘You’ll finally get used to it,’
All my friends will scoff,
But, I’m making good progress today,
I’ve learnt how to switch it off!


© Elizabeth Wright