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A Snail's Pace

‘I say’ said Sam from his prison cell one day,
‘This place is so boring, we need a way
Of something to give us a bit of fun,
How about a winner and losers run?’

The inmates could place a bet or two,
There might be a profit for me and you.’
Pal Ted eagerly agreed with this plan,
So did the rest, each and every man.

They asked all around and made a note
That a snail race got the popular vote.
So Ted searched amongst the tall weeds,
And found two snails that fulfilled their needs.

They decided to call them Freda and Fred,
And set the race up in the large garden shed.
The audience were making quite a din.
Bets were taken as to who would win.

A route was drawn up with lettuce as bait,
Everyone was eager, they couldn’t wait.
There were shouts as Fred emerged from his shell,
Would he move on - no-one could tell.

They cheered as he nudged forward an inch,
He would win, it was almost a cinch.
One eye peeked out on the end of its stalk,
And waved around as he viewed this snail walk.

He then saw Freda still hunched in her shell,
He thought she looked invitingly swell.
He ignored the lettuce at the winning line,
Instead turned to Freda for a good time.

She peered out just in time to spot,
Fred in pursuit, his passion hot.
So she turned around and hurried away,
Not interested in a bit of snail play.

Ted and Sam were ashamed to confess,
That the snail race had become an absolute mess.
Reluctant to return the cash they’d been paid,
Sam hastily searched for another game to be played.

‘Look’ he cried to the booing mass,
‘Here’s a great chance to win more cash.
Place your bets, gamble a buck,
As to whether Fred finally ……………has any luck.!

Winner of the Anderida Writers poetry competition. August 2012

© Elizabeth Wright