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Those New Street Lights

They put new lights down our street today,
‘Aren’t they just awful,’ is all I can say.
Just about useless, these lights are so dim,
They cast weird shadows, eerie and grim.

I think you could call them ‘Burglars’ delight.’
They don’t give out much light in the night.
After dark, I don’t want to go out on my own,
This is not the street I’ve affectionately known.

It is now looking like a horror film set,
With a body laid out, not quite dead yet.
Some zombies may emerge from out of the gloom,
Trying to find their way back to a tomb.

Skeletons could appear and have a loud moan,
As they stagger around and drop the odd bone.
There might be a ghost down the next street,
Ready to wail and flap his white sheet.

Like moths round a flame, black bats are out,
Looking for fresh blood as they fly about.
A severed hand gropes along a brick wall,
Lifts two fingers skywards, it speaks for us all.

A smelly corpse that far from fat,
Has attracted the attention of the local tom cat.
This feline’s jet black with big golden eyes,
But his set of brains wouldn’t win first prize.

One nibble of flesh and he’s chased down the street,
By an angry cadaver that’s minus its feet.
So I look at this weird set up that I really dislike
And wish I could tell it ‘Go take a hike.’

We really do want our old lights back,
With their bright amber rays that the new ones lack.
But to keep costs down we’re stuck with this dim gleam,
I suppose they were just perfect for good old Halloween.


© Elizabeth Wright